What is VISN

Digital INNK have developed ViSN a software solution that provides the opportunity to seamlessly connect various automotive businesses.

ViSN is a fully autonomous tool that can cater for all aspects of the automotive industry. From dealer groups to leasing companies, network providers to manufacturers and suppliers.

Digital INNK have the ability to provide customised solutions suitable for any automotive operation.

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Connecting the customer to services with you in complete control.

App view

A driver app where every service is just a click away.

Supplier view

Stay in control of bookings straight from the app to the garage.

Customer view

Giving you complete visibility and operational control.


Tailored flexibility

You have the ability to white label this product E2E, giving your customers/drivers a seamless experience with a brand they recognise.

Not sure you need everything on offer? No problem, you can tailor your package to activate just the modules that suit your needs.

With the ability to integrate with your existing core systems. You can simply plug into your network and off you go.

Enhance your retail visibility and improve your customer journey by choosing our V-Retail module.

Use V-Consult to deliver your VISioN.

Our V-Modules

Choose from a range of V-Modules tailored to your business.


With just “One Click” your customer can become the expert!

V-In Life services

Ability to manage vehicle maintenance, mechanical repairs and servicing at the click of a button.


Simple and effective self-serve rental bookings, with short and long-term options available.

V-Driver Services

Generate driver communications digitally. Keeping you in touch with your customer journey.


Enquire about tailoring services to your individual requirements. We can create your ideal driver journey!

Create your ideal customer journey

Our V-Modules have a number of different features and services created with the customer journey in mind.

Available on the App Store and Google Play

Your drivers can access an extensive UK wide supply chain through their phone.

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Our V-Modules can provide unique tailored solutions for your automotive operation.

The process

How it all connects. Taking the driver through to the garage, with you in control.

White label

Tailor your customer journey, with a bespoke solution that suits your operation.

Who we are

With experience behind us within the motor industry we have developed a number of system solutions that can smooth out the bumps on your customer journey. Putting you at the centre and in control of the whole process.

We are a group of individuals that are focused on creating a customer VISioN and our aim is to disrupt the industry with a new way to navigate common practices. Our objective is to provide a route through the sometimes-clouded world of 3rd Party Suppliers by using our solution to really give the power of choice back to you as a customer.

Our VISioN is for your customers and drivers to interact with your business in a fully “Autonomous” method.  Providing you with the options and ability to choose tailored services that suit your business, while keeping your customers at the heart of the solution.

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