ViSN - created with Fleet Companies, Brokers and Rental companies in mind

ViSN is a modular based system that gives you the ability to manage the in-life services your fleet customers and their drivers need.

You tell us exactly how you want it to look, and we can create a white label solution that suits you, and your customer’s needs. We offer customised services and features, with a fully branded App and MI platform.

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Our V-Modules

Choose from a range of V-Modules tailored to your business and your customers’ needs.

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With just “One Click” your customer can become the expert!

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V-In Life services

Ability to manage vehicle maintenance, mechanical repairs and servicing at the click of a button.

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Simple and effective self-serve rental bookings, with short and long-term options available.

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V-Driver Services

Generate driver communications digitally. Keeping you in touch with your customer journey.

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Enquire about tailoring services to your individual requirements. We can create your ideal driver journey!


Create your ideal customer journey

Our V-Modules have a number of different features and services created with the customer journey in mind.

Get in touch with Digital INNK to create your custom VISioN